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These three things are to be taken note of: the lowest love is sex - it is physical - and the highest refinement of love is compassion. Sex is below love, compassion is above love; love is exactly in the middle. Very few people know what love is. Ninety-nine percent of people, unfortunately, think sexuality is love - it is not. Sexuality is very animal; it certainly has the potential of growing into love, but it is not actual love, only a potential.... If you become aware and alert, meditative, then sex can be transformed into love. And if your meditativeness becomes total, absolute, love can be transformed into compassion. Sex is the seed, love is the flower, compassion is the fragrance. Buddha has defined compassion as love plus meditation. When your love is not just a desire for the other, when your love is not only a need, when your love is a sharing, when your love is not that of a beggar but an emperor, when your love is not asking for something in return but is ready only to give - to give for the sheer joy of giving - then add meditation to it and the pure fragrance is released. That is compassion; compassion is the highest phenomenon.
16: Your thoughts create your reality so only hold positive thoughts and expectations about material issues so that all your needs will be met.

Rufus came to us as a boarder about 8 years ago. He was a good solid racehorse and had a long list of accomplishments under his saddle. As with many claiming racehorses they do change ownership from time to time. Sometimes they are just sold. Rufus’s list of owners was almost as long as his list of race wins.

The gentleman who owned Rufus had intentions of racing him after giving him some time off for rest and recuperation. Our farm was the perfect place for him. Peace, quiet and companionship were exactly what he needed. His coat was dull, he was thin enough to count his ribs, and he was lethargic. My former partner and I specialized in turning horses like this back into the glorious shiny-coated athletes that they are. We were extremely good at it.

Rufus became a challenge. We used every bit of knowledge about diet and care that we had in our arsenal without any results. Rufus remained lifeless and languid no matter what we fed him and how often he was groomed. All our love and care was not getting him anywhere. Medically his health was good, but emotionally something was terribly wrong that we just unable to pinpoint.

In the meantime his owner became impatient with the process and sold him yet again. This time some friends of ours who kept their horses at our farm purchased him. At least we could keep an eye on his progress.

Unfortunately 6 months down the road there was still no improvement. Our friends had bought him with the hope of rehabilitating him and finding him a home away from the racetrack. They felt that it was time to retire him from that part of his life.

One of the new owners of Rufus was taking an equine message therapy course along with a mutual friend, a blacksmith. My partner and I usually used her whenever we could for the shoeing of our own racehorses. She was very good at her job and had an uncanny knack for balancing conformation and the natural angles of the feet. Bringing her to the farm for shoeing meant a nine-hour drive for her as she lived quite some distance away.

The first time she saw Rufus she suggested that we try a little animal communication with him. I had no idea what this meant at the time, but my friend Pat did. It was apparently a common practice at their school as one of the instructors was an animal communicator. Lynn the blacksmith had found that she was also able to make a connection with some animals.

As she worked on Rufus’s feet she began to talk about some of the things that Rufus was communicating to her. Apparently four owners before Pat, Rufus had belonged to a racehorse trainer that had a young eleven-year-old daughter. This particular trainer was one of the “unsavory” characters that you sometimes find at the racetrack. He was an abusive alcoholic who had sole custody of his daughter.

The daughter had a gift with horses. Her father would use her even at that young age to gallop the racehorses that were in training. No easy feat for such a small girl to control 1200 pounds of pumped muscle and strength. Rufus had been her favorite mount. This giant racehorse had decided that he would look after this young girl. He loved her.

She would spend hours in his stall, often hiding from her father when he was drunk. Unfortunately her father found her there one-day in his stall. The trainer was angry when he entered the stall and because of this Rufus put himself between father and daughter. The trainer exploded in temper, grabbed Rufus and gave him a beating. Rufus didn’t really mind the beating; he was after all trying to protect what he considered “his girl”. The problem was that now that her father knew where to find her and the same thing happened over and over. Only once did Rufus lose his own temper and strike back. He went after this trainer with his front feet and struck out at him. This of course brought on more abuse and so angered the trainer that he sold Rufus. His daughter was devastated and so was Rufus. He felt that he had failed “his girl.”

At this point all three of us were in tears. Rufus himself had his head down low, his eyes were watering, and mucus was flowing from his nostrils. He was releasing his pain and self blame.

I was able to confirm most of his story by asking some questions at the racetrack about this particular trainer and his daughter. What Rufus did not know at the time was that soon after he was sold, social services had moved in and taken “his girl” into protective custody.

Immediately after this experience Rufus came “back to life”, his coat became glossy and he began to gain weight again. We asked Rufus what he wanted to do with his life from then on and his answer was instantaneous. His desire was to find another little girl to look after. Pat, bless her heart, soon found him a home with a young girl that was absolutely crazy about horses, and especially Rufus.

Rufus also ended up playing a key role in my own destiny. He paved the road and opened up my own desire to develop my psychic abilities. I was a witness to a miracle of healing that day. Who would ever dream that animals could communicate in the way that Rufus did? With all my heart, I desired to have that ability to be a messenger for those who could not “speak” for themselves, as we know it. When my intentions became clear in this regard, Spirit moved mountains to help me regain an ability that is natural to all species.

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.
I am grateful for all of the good luck coming my way today